Company Slogan

US ART was started in August 1997, and since inception The company's Main focus has been to provide Vibrant, Diverse and Rich Art work for the American Community. The prime focus has been to provide enriching and diverse art work that will satisfy the needs of the community and will reach and touch and enrich lives across many diverse age groups, and interests. US Art is actively involved in developing New and Original art work by a rich and diverse group of Young Artists. We are continuously seeking to publish New art work by original American Artists,especially Motivational, Religious and inspiring work that focuses on the Original and Rich African American Culture. Including the Awe Inspiring History, The rich Traditions and not to forget the Great and Needless Sufferings of these Courageous and Brave People. In early 1990's WE at US Art, were not satisfied by the Art Work Available for Framing So We Started to Develop and Publish Art work and today we have more than 250 Original Works of Art that are Exclusively Published by us. US Art's focus remains to enrich and strive for excellence, In Developing Publishingand Framing. We Strive to produce works of Art to inspire the Young Motivate to excell in the future, educate so they do not forget the Past.

In 2002 We at US Art Inc., became one of the few Companies to have Our very own Picture Frame Moulding Plant, In this Plant we Very proudly Develop and produce our very own Picture Frame Moulding to satisfy the unique needs of our customers. While most of our competition is taking the trade to Overseas companies, we can truly and very proudly state that most of our product is Proudly Made in the U S A